"Surfing Eighteen is a boutique company that specialises in Web design and creation. We have a quick service that is tailored to your needs, at a reasonable price. Please contact us by email or phone." Darren Moroney


Communication is more important than ever. Social media has become a cheaper way to advertise. No longer are companies spending millions on television and newspaper advertisements. They are just becoming more savvy on doing it themselves.

A website is an important part of advertising your brand. I know that when I hear about a company, and want to find out more, the first thing I do is go to their website and check out their page. Good communication is a must have in today's world.

About Us

Surfing Eighteen is the communications arm of Cronulla Eighteen BV.

Surfing Eighteen was established by Darren Moroney in 2013, as the need arose to develop websites for projects that Darren was involved. Darren soon realised that he had a passion for developing and a small business grew.

Darren is an Australian from Sydney, and has a Master’s Degree in Management and now lives in the Netherlands, but can be frequently found in Australia.


Surfing Eighteen can provide the following Services:

• Website Design
• Website Creation
• Website Domain Name
• Website Hosting
• Website Maintenance

No project is considered too small or too big. Whether you come to us with a single page or multiple pages, we will provide a fast and efficient service.


Do you want to learn more about what we do or are you interested in a detailed quote? Don't hesitate to contact us.

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Australian Flag +61 (0) 449 655 469


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